Social Manager Tools

Desktop App that provides tools and bots for instagram, twitter, facebook and other social networks: FREE. This software performs automated actions such as putting "I like" based on hashtags, follow-defollow, writing comments, scraping pages and many other useful features to increase your engagement. A bot does not work miracles but it helps you simplify tedious operations like putting photos to make yourself noticed: while you create quality content. We do not track users, we do not save your data and we do not know your password: why? We are not in the cloud: everything happens only on your computer. Not enough for you? The code is open source. If you are a developer you can create your own bot or algorithms using our libraries.

ATTENTION: a bot is a legal software, creating a bot does not violate any law and every day thousands of these software visit sites around the world. Using a bot however violates the terms and conditions of YOUR account on social networks as highlighted in the instagram or facebook policy.

The developers assume no responsibility for ban, soft ban or permanent ban of YOUR account for violating the terms and conditions of the social network where you intend to use it. This software is provided with no warranty, under the MIT license.

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